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How will VOIP Save My Business Money?

The single biggest reason why so many businesses are making the switch to VOIP these days is a very simple one – it costs less. But just how does it do that and how much can you save? After all, your current traditional PBX system provider seems to have been offering some decent deals recently. But can those deals match VOIP? Maybe not. Here are some examples of what we mean.

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Hacked Voip

Has Your VOIP System Been Hacked?

VOIP can be a great communications solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers many advantages over a traditional PBX system and it is an increasingly popular choice with Southern California businesses.

VOIP is not, however, perfect, no technology is. One possible downside of VOIP is the danger of the system being hacked.

Yes. Hacked. Many people don’t even realize that a VOIP system can be hacked. Depending on who installed your VoIP system and the other security precautions your business has in place – or does not have in place – it might be very easy to hack your VOIP based communications system. But how would you even know?

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VOIP Headsets

Data Installers Top Picks: Best VOIP Headsets of 2017

To many users, one of the big advantage of switching to a VOIP communication system is the fact that, as long as it has a USB connection, you can make use of almost any equipment you like. This is certainly true of headsets, a piece of essential equipment for almost anyone who spends more than a little time on the phone, especially if they do so in an office setting.

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