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Customer Support

Phone Support or Live Chat? Which is Best for Your Business in the 21st Century?

If yours is a customer/client facing business then you are more than aware of the fact that you need to provide great customer service in order to satisfy customers, build customer loyalty and outshine your competition. But there are so many ways to do that now. In a perfect world, every business would strive to offer support from every single channel: but in reality, that’s just not possible.

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Wireless Router

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Business’ Wireless Router?

Many companies rely on their wireless networks to keep their business running at maximum capacity and efficiency. And so when things seem to be starting to go wrong it can seem like disaster may be looming on the horizon, especially for businesses that rely on wi-fi as a customer perk, such as cafes, bars and service businesses like doctor’s offices. However, the good news is that those annoying lags, slowdowns and disconnections may not be the huge problem you imagine, you may just need to rethink your wireless router options.

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How Well Is Your Company Handling Call Center Fraud?

For many companies their call center is hugely important to their business. It’s where orders are placed, problems are solved, services are sold and upgraded and the company’s brand can be defined, for better or worse.

For these reasons and many more a business operating a call center of any kind will usually, quite rightly, spend more than a little time and money on the latest hardware and software needed to make it functional and friendly, as well as on hiring, training and retaining the best employees to staff it.

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Internet Of Things

4 Internet of Things Devices Innovations to Upgrade Your Workplace with Today

The term ‘Internet of Things’ does sound a little bit like a line from a sci-fi movie, but it’s becoming more and more of a reality every day, especially in the workplace. Forward thinking entrepreneurs and technophiles are taking advantage of an increasing number of new technologies that make use of the iOT concept to help boost productivity, increase security, improve employee satisfaction and more.

Not all of these technologies are within the financial reach of a smaller business right now perhaps – although some certainly are – but as they become more commonly used like everything else in the hardware world the price is bound to drop, so they are worth keeping mind.

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Is Your New Office Coffee Maker a Security Threat?

One day last October large numbers of the US’ favorite Internet sites went dark; Spotify, Reddit, Airbnb, Etsy and even Twitter went down, victims of a huge DDOS attack.

This is, unfortunately, not that unusual, it happens with increasing frequency. What was different however was that when the tech ‘post-mortem’ on the situation was completed it was reported that the hackers had used the Internet of Things to wreak their havoc.

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