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Customer Support

Phone Support or Live Chat? Which is Best for Your Business in the 21st Century?

If yours is a customer/client facing business then you are more than aware of the fact that you need to provide great customer service in order to satisfy customers, build customer loyalty and outshine your competition. But there are so many ways to do that now. In a perfect world, every business would strive to offer support from every single channel: but in reality, that’s just not possible.

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Why Are Businesses Turning to Biometric Fingerprinting?

Biometric fingerprinting – as ‘high-tech’ as it might sound – is actually nothing new. As a usable technology, it has been around since the mid – Seventies – that’s around 50 years – but it is only now that more and more corporations and businesses are beginning to implement its use in the workplace. But the question that many who do not have is why should they consider it? What benefits might biometric fingerprinting offer to them? That’s the ‘big question’ we are going to begin answering here.

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Access Control System

Simple Signs You Need to Update Your Company’s Access Control System

Is your company growing? We certainly hope so! But when a company is growing its’ operational needs quickly become more complex. Not just your hardware and software needs, but the sometimes-overlooked day to day functions as well.

For example, just how do people get in and out of your building? You need an access control system that can keep up with the new employees and perhaps an increase in visits from clients, customers and the general public as well.

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VOIP Headsets

Data Installers Top Picks: Best VOIP Headsets of 2017

To many users, one of the big advantage of switching to a VOIP communication system is the fact that, as long as it has a USB connection, you can make use of almost any equipment you like. This is certainly true of headsets, a piece of essential equipment for almost anyone who spends more than a little time on the phone, especially if they do so in an office setting.

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Computer Monitor

How to Buy the Right Computer Monitor in 2017

For many of us, our computer monitor is something we make use of – and stare at – for hours and hours on a daily basis. Therefore, ensuring that you have the right one(s) to meet your current needs is a must. But with tech moving so quickly, and the demands on the average monitor increasing all the time, how do you even determine what a good vs. great monitor is any more, especially if it’s going to be housed in a workplace rather than a living room?

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How Well Is Your Company Handling Call Center Fraud?

For many companies their call center is hugely important to their business. It’s where orders are placed, problems are solved, services are sold and upgraded and the company’s brand can be defined, for better or worse.

For these reasons and many more a business operating a call center of any kind will usually, quite rightly, spend more than a little time and money on the latest hardware and software needed to make it functional and friendly, as well as on hiring, training and retaining the best employees to staff it.

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