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Is Your New Office Coffee Maker a Security Threat?

One day last October large numbers of the US’ favorite Internet sites went dark; Spotify, Reddit, Airbnb, Etsy and even Twitter went down, victims of a huge DDOS attack.

This is, unfortunately, not that unusual, it happens with increasing frequency. What was different however was that when the tech ‘post-mortem’ on the situation was completed it was reported that the hackers had used the Internet of Things to wreak their havoc.

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INternet Speed

Top Tips for a More Accurate Internet Speed Test

Most businesses these days, large or small, rely on the Internet to help keep their day to day operations going to some extent or another, and if that Internet is sluggish it can be more than an annoyance, it can be a revenue-sapping productivity killer.

There are more than a few reasons why a company’s Internet-based systems may be performing more slowly than expected. The company may need to consider updating their cabling systems, their modems and/or routers or the plan they have in place with their ISP provider. If they are already paying for a good plan and their systems are relatively new other forces may be at work, including router placements and having the wrong channels selected to access the Internet in the first place.

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Signs That Your Office Network Needs An Upgrade

Early Warning Signs That Your Office Network Needs an Upgrade

These days most businesses rely heavily on their office computer network to keep their day to day operations going. Which means that when something goes wrong, the whole company can come to a grinding halt. In order to try and avoid this scary situation it’s best if you learn to recognize the early warning signs that it’s time to upgrade your network so that you can do so in a planned, organized way before you are forced to while trying to deal with the critical problem of a business that is stalled because its tech components have failed.

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Social Wifi

Understanding The Benefits of Social Wi-Fi for Service Businesses

Free wi-fi is becoming the norm in many areas. It’s also becoming something that customers expect when they go to a bar, a restaurant, a cafe and even stores and service providers like doctors’ offices. It’s hardly surprising then that even small businesses are getting in on the act.

If you have been considering offering free wi-fi to your clients and customers but have been wondering about the ROI, you will really get from installing and then maintaining the hardware and software needed we have something interesting to share with you; the benefits offered by social wi-fi.

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What is 4K TV and is it Worth Investing in Right Now?

According to the Consumer Technology Association the three most requested tech gifts of the holiday season in 2016 were the iPhone 7, the newest Mac Book Pro and a 4K TV. 4K TVs have been around for a while now, but this year they came into their own as they finally gained some usefulness beyond the brag value. That being said though are they really worth investing in right now. And if you do, what kind of upgrade will they truly provide for your current media system?

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5 Must Have Gadgets for Your High Tech Office in 2017

The office of the present is quickly catching up to the sci-fi like projections for a workplace that have been dreamed up by writers for decades. Data can stream into an office at lightning fast speeds thanks to modern cabling systems, businesses can finally dump their old, not-very-helpful telephone companies in favor of highly efficient, but also far cheaper, VOIP solutions and international video conferencing has become as those 1970s sci fi shows predicted it would.

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