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Password Security

Best Apps to Improve Office Password Security with Ease

Data security is a big concern for most businesses. The number of stories in the news about devastating hacks seems to increase all the time and it is not just big businesses that need to take notice, a business of any size can be at risk as well.

For all the security hardware and software precautions that can be put in place to help better secure data – and there are some amazing solutions out there right now well worth considering – often data breaches are caused by the simplest things. One of the biggest issues? Insecure password use.

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Excel Sheet

When Is It Time to Consider Replacing Excel Sheets with a Software Solution?

Many business owners start their business using a set of Excel files. They continue to use them as the business grows. A single Excel file can have multiple sheets of data, such as products sold, leads to call, quotes sent out to customers, and much more.

It is difficult to get this solution to work efficiently and cohesively. For instance, when you create a quote, it would be more efficient to have the capability to pull-up the list of products straight from a central, organized list of products.

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Hacked Voip

Has Your VOIP System Been Hacked?

VOIP can be a great communications solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers many advantages over a traditional PBX system and it is an increasingly popular choice with Southern California businesses.

VOIP is not, however, perfect, no technology is. One possible downside of VOIP is the danger of the system being hacked.

Yes. Hacked. Many people don’t even realize that a VOIP system can be hacked. Depending on who installed your VoIP system and the other security precautions your business has in place – or does not have in place – it might be very easy to hack your VOIP based communications system. But how would you even know?

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Skype for Business, Consumption Billing and Making It all Work

Even if you hate them, and many of us secretly do, no matter what business you’re in, meetings are a necessity. And, more often than not, lots of them.

The good news is, however, that the meeting experience as we know it is improving. In the past people had to gather together awkwardly in conference rooms, making uncomfortable small talk until the meeting was called to order, often after having to travel miles to attend in the first place.

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Internet Threat

The 3 Scariest Network Security Threats to Watch for in 2018

Network security has possibly never been as important as it is right now. 2017 has been filled with disaster stories about crippling hacks (including that one that knocked out most of the UK’s National Health Service for a while) and on a smaller scale the number of companies left seeking help when their network was taken down by a random virus, or worse still when it was hijacked by a dreaded ransomware exploit, has increased significantly.

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Wireless Router

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Business’ Wireless Router?

Many companies rely on their wireless networks to keep their business running at maximum capacity and efficiency. And so when things seem to be starting to go wrong it can seem like disaster may be looming on the horizon, especially for businesses that rely on wi-fi as a customer perk, such as cafes, bars and service businesses like doctor’s offices. However, the good news is that those annoying lags, slowdowns and disconnections may not be the huge problem you imagine, you may just need to rethink your wireless router options.

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VOIP Headsets

Data Installers Top Picks: Best VOIP Headsets of 2017

To many users, one of the big advantage of switching to a VOIP communication system is the fact that, as long as it has a USB connection, you can make use of almost any equipment you like. This is certainly true of headsets, a piece of essential equipment for almost anyone who spends more than a little time on the phone, especially if they do so in an office setting.

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